005 – Inside the Studio of the Podcaster – Ben DeBono from the SciFi Christian Podcast Discusses Sound Byte


This week I chatted with Ben DeBono from the SciFi Christian Podcast. I first ran into Ben when the SciFi Christian feuded with the SciFi Diner Podcast, but we decided to “bury the hatchet“, let bygones be bygones, and talk about another program that you can use to help streamline your show.  I referred to podcasters suffering from a time poverty in an article I wrote for Podcaster News. This program is another way you can combat this issue that plagues podcasters.

When I first started podcasting, I would record my shows and then add in my intro, outro, sound clips and promos in post production, but Sound Byte changed all that.  What Sound Byte allows me to do is to load my intro, outro, promos, listener feedback, etc into the program.  I hook up my iPhone, which is how I use SoundByte, to my mixer. When I am recording, I just hit the appropriate sound at the appropriate time, and my sound is recorded right onto my main tracks.  I can even fade the sound out so I can speak over it.  It seriously could not be easier. It is also available for the PC, the Mac, and the iPad. Sorry, no Android device yet.

This program seriously knocks at least 15 minutes off my post production time. That is another fifteen minutes I can be connecting to my listeners or writing blog posts.

If you are already using SoundByte, let me know how it has helped you in your podcasting.  If you are not, listen to the show. I have some ways you can get it for free.

I’ll post a tutorial on how I use Sound Byte in the upcoming days.