002 – Inside the Studio of the Podcaster – Doug Payton from the Consider This! Podcast Talks Audio Editing with Gold Wave


Doug Payton, from the Consider This! Podcast, joined me to talk about Gold Wave, an audio editing program he has been using for years. You can hear his thoughts on Gold Wave by listening to the show.  If you listen the whole way through, I can explain how you can obtain a free Gold Wave license.

In my pre-podcasting days in the early 2000’s, I cut my teeth on audio editing through Emagic’s Logic Silver.  When I was first introduced to podcasting in 2008, I favored GarageBand because it was simpler, quick, and played nicely with iTunes. Plus I had begun doing all my audio editing on my MacBook. Due to recent updates in GarageBand, I have decided to move on from Apple’s editing software.

If I had a PC, GoldWave would be one of my top replacements for GarageBand. Its look is cleaner and nicer than that of Audacity, a free software you can use that is great for what it is.  But for $20 dollars a year or $60 dollars for a lifetime of updates, you get a lot more than Audacity offers.

For podcasters who record straight into their machines, GoldWave provides many options, including voice activated recording. While there is a small learning curve, it is fairly easy to use and has a customizable interface.  It can auto level your podcast and export it in any format you desire.  It contains 140+ effect presets and audio effects.  You can do batch processing. Cutting, fading, trimming, crossfade, and ducking are all easily done. You can even filter out the hum or hiss that was bugging you.

I encourage you to check it out the GoldWave website, explore all the features, and, if your working on a PC and looking for good, reliable audio software, download it.  And let me know your thoughts!