003 – Inside the Studio of the Podcast – Doug Payton from the Consider This! Podcast Talks Leveling with Auphonic and the Lame Encoder


Doug Payton, from the Consider This! Podcast, joined me once again to talk about Auphonic, an online audio leveling/normalization app that he has been using for the past couple of months. You can hear his thoughts about Auphonic by listening to the show. We also diverge a bit to discuss the Lame Encoder, which the downloadable Auphonic app uses.

Up until I talked with Doug, I had always used Levelator, which was good for what it does. It normalized my audio so that all hosts and guests were speaking at the same level.  But when I tried Auphonic, I realized I had been using the Dodge Omni of leveling instead of the BMW.

Auphonic allows me to grab my .wav files and convert them into a myriade of formats.  If I didn’t do my own editing and blending of my intros and endings, it would do that as well. It will also do all my tagging and metadata (album art, copyright, etc).  I can create a preset of this so that each week, I can just load my preset and not have to retype anything. And one more bonus for me.  When I run my SciFi Diner Podcast files through Auphonic, I can export them from Auphonic in various files types and sizes all at the same time.  I release a slightly higher quality file in the SciFi Diner feed and share a smaller file with the network that the SciFi Diner Podcast is a part of.

Really, take some time to check Auphonic out.  In the long run, it will save you time, something that most of us have in short supply.