013 – The Podcasting Gear Show – The Ultimate Editing Software – Cristopher Jones from Trek.fm Discusses Adobe Audition


Recording has certain adages that have become well known over the past decade of podcasting.  One of these rules is that for every minute of recording, you can expect to spend 3 to 4 minutes editing, creating show notes, and promoting your show.  While for newer podcasters this might take more time and more seasoned podcasters it might take less, anything we can do to make out editing more enjoyable is bonus.

My editing software journey started with four track cassette recorder in the early 1990s.  I eventually moved onto to Logic Pro.  Because I had a Mac, when I started podcasting I began using Garageband.  It was simple, intuitive, and did most of the things I wanted to do.  But in the fall of 2013, Apple decided it would no longer support the exporting of files from Garageband as an mp3s (They recently reversed this decision.)  I made the jump to Adobe Audition and have never looked back.

Christopher Jones from Trek FM and the Ready Room, like many other podcasters, swear by Adobe Audition.  What sells him on it is that Adobe allows an editor to see the wave form, to voice matching (voice leveling), and much more. What many podcasters accomplish with multiple programs, Adobe Audition does all in one program.

Adobe Audition is not perfect.  You’ll hear us discuss some of those in the show.  If you use Adobe Audition, let me know why you use it.  If you have considered using it and decided not to,  let me know that as well.