The Podcasting Gear Show

Revealing the Equipment Podcasters Use and How They Use It

The Podcasting Gear Show - Revealing the Equipment Podcasters Use and How They Use It

009 – The Podcasting Gear Show – Troy Heinritz from TV Talk and the NoodleMX Network Talks About The iRig Pre

thepodcastinggearshowalbumartPodcasting is a Pain

Yeah. You heard me. Especially when I try to break my podcast out of the confines of my studio and let it loose in the wild.  It doesn’t know how to survive. It has become too domesticated. Too reliant on its compressor, mixing board, and digital audio workstation. In the wild, I end up with noises I can’t control, poor condenser mics from easily portable equipment, and the end result is, well, not that enticing.

I experienced this at the Shore Leave, Farpoint, and Balticon while recording interviews for the SciFi Diner Podcast.  We would land these awesome interviews with genre actors and actresses like Amanda Tapping and Edward James Olmos only to have them sound mediocre due to the recording quality of our portable equipment. The interviews themselves were great, but the sound quality deviated greatly from the shows we normally produced.  But alas, no more.  Troy Heinritz has a solution.

Troy Heinritz, from the Tv Talk and the Network, introduced me to the iRig Pre iRig PRE, a device that allows podcasters to use their sweet XLR microphones, the one they use in their studio, and plug it into their iPad, iPhone, or Android device and record clear, qulaity sound, very similar to what listeners experience when listening to their studio recording.  It takes portable podcasting to a new level and uses what podcaster already has with very little investment. If the iRig PRE would have been out when I bought my first outside of studio recording device, I could have saved myself $150 dollars. The  iRig PRE will only runs $40 bucks.

Basically, the iRig PRE acts as a bridge between a my favorite mic, in my case my Heil PR-40, and my iPhone, and allows me to record using a variety of Apps.  The sound recording is clear.  Troy has used it for podcasting while on many of his business trips when recording his Resurrection Revealed Podcast with Wayne Henderson. There was no drop in show quality.

If you would like to pick up and try out the  iRig PRE, You can buy it here. Let me know what you think.


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