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Revealing the Equipment Podcasters Use and How They Use It

The Podcasting Gear Show - Revealing the Equipment Podcasters Use and How They Use It

010 – The Podcasting Gear Show – Never Lose A Skype Interview Again – Troy Heinritz from the TV Talk and Noodle MX network Talks Audio Hijack Pro

thepodcastinggearshowalbumartSummer evening’s hot, muggy air permeated the podcasting studio as Miles McLoughlin and I recording our interview with Leviathan Chronicles’s podio-drama creator Cristof Laputka. It was an awesome interview, complete with his story of the Wall Street underwear incident. When the interview ended, I stopped the recording on my TASCAM DR-07 I was using and something glitched on the SD Card.  I lost the recording.  Cristof was gracious enough to grant us a second interview, but while it was good, it never had the same vibe and feel, and the stories were different.

If I would have known Troy Heinritz then, I could have avoided all this hassle. Troy Heinritz from the Noodle MX and TV Talk Network talks about an application he uses called Audio Hijack Pro. Audio Hijack Pro is a product of Rogue Amoeba. Their site tauts Audio Hijack Pro as “Record from applications like iTunes, Skype or DVD Player. Record from microphones, Radiosharks and other hardware. If you hear it, you can record it.”

Here is what this means: If you are recording using your laptop and a USB mic, and are doing a Skype interview, you can record that Skype, or Google Hangout, or Facetime call with no issue.  You don’t have to worry about Mix Minus or anything.  It will capture exactly what you hear and save it in the file format of your choice.

And if you are recording your Skype calls through a mixer and into a Digital Audio Recorder, you can still use Audio Hijack Pro to record a backup of your interview.  This would have saved Miles and I the hassle of having rerecord our interview with Cristof.  Believe me, it is worth the $32 dollars to save yourself the aggravation.


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